Services and Expertise

Policy Analysis & Recommendations

Do you want to influence policy at the national, state, or local levels? With a strong desire to increase the use of evidence by policy makers, we can help you craft compelling policy recommendations based on the most current knowledge and research. We can write policy briefs, case studies, and research papers that can be used to inform those who develop and implement policy.

Program Evaluation

Are you designing a new program? The best time to design a program evaluation is before the program starts! We can help you identify the outcomes to measure and work with you as the program is implemented to ensure it is meeting your goals.

Deciding whether to continue an ongoing program? Looking for insights on what is working well and how it can be more effective? We can design an evaluation of your existing program that assesses strengths and areas for improvement.

Research, Analysis, & Translation

What questions do you want answered? We are eager to work with you to design a research study using quantitative and/or qualitative approaches. We can conduct reviews of gray and published literature, in-person or telephone interviews with experts or stakeholders, and online surveys. We also can analyze existing data. After completing the analytic work, we can translate the results to help you improve organizational or system performance and influence policy.

Conference Planning & Support

Would you like assistance with developing educational seminars, conferences, or online trainings? We have a strong commitment to education and believe that it is incredibly rewarding to convene others and share information, particularly when that information can inform decision makers. We are eager to help you develop content for, as well as execute, any type of convening to share knowledge. We can help identify potential speakers as well as researchers, educators, and individuals in the policy community who may be interested in your content; work with you to publicize your event; identify and arrange for venue, food, and A/V services; provide onsite support during the event; and summarize meeting evaluations.